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2 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Dear Friends at NuVision,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving, professional care you gave to my mother during her transfer from Carrollton to Peachtree City, GA.
    Eugene was the driver, and he was a gentleman of the highest level in the personal care he gave to make sure that not only my mother, but also my brother who rode with them, received amazing service. He even went out of his way to try and find a Dairy Queen for my mother on the way! My whole family raved about the service from the company as well as the driver, Eugene.
    I was out of the country during the actual move, but to give you an idea of the amazing kindness they provide – I was concerned about the transport van and it being o.k. for Mother who would be in a transfer chair. Well, not only did I receive reassurance from Angela, but, the dear, kind Eugene even drove the van over to my mother’s assisted living facility for me to see before making a final decision. You cannot ask for more than that. 🙂
    So, In conclusion, NuVision has my highest recommendation for kindness, professionalism and a price that is so reasonable. Angela, the manager will help you and guide you with all the details. Just turn your request over to them. Hats off to an amazing company!!!
    Most sincerely,
    Gherry Gustafson , Carrollton, GA

  2. What a great experience we had with Robert on Tuesday as he transported my mom from our home in Lithia Springs to Temple for a doctor appointment. He was very professional and caring the entire trip. I highly recommend this company for transporting patients to and from the doctor or wherever it maybe. Angela the owner checked in with Robert to make sure all is fine and everyone was safe. Thank you again and we will definitely will be in touch very soon!!


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